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MAX Energy Supplement

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Have Energy and Get Most out of Your Life!

Do you feel without energy? Don’t be tired all the time! Get energized. Our mixture of Guarana, Green tea extract, Caffeine and Rhodiola will give you the boost you need.

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MAX Energy Supplement

100x capsules | Caffeine | Acetyl l-tyrosine | Rhodiola rosea | Guarana | Green tea

All Day Energy

Serving size: 1 -2 capsules / day.

Ingredients: Caffeine, Acetyl l-tyrosine, Rhodiola rosea, Guarana extract, Green tea extract, gelatin capsule.

No added additives or colourings

Caffeine Supplement CAFFEINE
Caffeine is a chemical found in coffee, tea, cola, guarana, mate, and other products. Caffeine is most commonly used to improve mental alertness, but it has many other uses. People suffering from high blood pressure should not consume caffeine.
Acetyl l-tyrosine Supplement ACETYL l-TYROSINE
L-tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid. L-tyrosine appears to have particular benefits for mental health and mental performance, many people choose to take supplements of this amino acid or eat more food containing it, such as meat, seafood, dairy products and whole grains. Acetyl-L-tyrosine is a type of L-tyrosine supplement that the body converts to tyrosine.
Rhodiola Supplement RHODIOLA ROSEA
Rhodiola rosea is one of several Asian plants known as adaptogens. These herbs and roots have the potential to support the health of the adrenal system, which controls the body’s ability to respond to stress. Some people use rhodiola for treating cancer, tuberculosis, and diabetes; preventing cold and flu, aging, and liver damage; improving hearing; strengthening the nervous system; and enhancing immunity. Rhodiola is frequently used by Russian Olympic athletes.

Guarana Supplement GUARANA
Guarana is a plant of the Amazon that is found in parts of Venezuela and Brazil. The berries of this plant have a number of health benefits. One of the most powerful benefits of guarana is its energizing effects. Guarana has a similar chemical structure to that of caffeine, and the plant seeds provide even higher caffeine effects than typical caffeine drinks.
Green Tea Supplement GREEN TEA EXTRACT
Green Tea Extract is a premier Green Tea extract produced from the leaves of a plant called Camellia Sinensis. Green Tea Extract contains polyphenols, and it is also a source of EGCG (antioxidant).Green tea extract is approximately twice more antioxidant-active than Vitamin C. The biochemical properties of green tea extracts can be generally divided into four aspects – antioxidant, anticarcinogenm anti-inflammatory, and anti-radiation.


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